Gianna Dior's First Rough Scene

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Starring the sensual Gianna Dior; Gianna is a rising star of the industry and we’re lucky enough here at Brokenbabes to be part of this starlet’s upcoming thriving career! Gianna is a sensual woman who likes to dress provocatively. Getting her coffee with torn jean shorts that shows off all her good parts is a morning routine for her. A true beauty who gets all the looks, good or bad. She is also a sensual woman who likes sex like she likes her coffee, smooth and creamy. But today, Tony won't let her have that. He's here to poor that coffee hot and black down her little throat. He'll turn her into a submissive little slut who loves to get fucked until she can't take it anymore. You'll get lost in her sparkling eyes as she gags on a fat cock and hypnotized by her beautiful ass bounces as she gets pounded, hair pulled, slapped and choked for your pleasure.